Color: Black


Loose berms, choppy trails, and rugged rock gardens stand no chance against the Basanite. The Basanite is designed as a rear tire with ramped knobs for improved speed that alternate in shape and size for braking control. Alternating shoulder lugs and central knobs provide grip at any angle. The large knobs all include hatch marks, or cupped profiles, improving grip on harder-packed terrain. For optimal performance, pair the Basanite with the Vulcanite on looser terrain or with the Tectonite in harder packed conditions.

The Basanite is available in both Trail and Enduro versions with casing, construction, and tread compounds specific to the intended use. Trail models feature our Stage TR Armor construction for efficient climbing, predictable cornering, and long days on singletrack. Enduro models feature our Stage EN Armor construction for a tire that provides grip through blind corners, confidence over rock gardens, and the ability to cruise back up the trail. Both Stage TR Armor and Stage EN Armor constructions are Tubeless Ready.


  • Rear focused Trail or Enduro tire
  • 29X2.4" (61-622), 27.4X2.5" (61-584)
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Stage TR Armor Construction options
  • Stage EN Armor Construction options
  • Dual and Triple Compound tread options
  • Black sidewall
CompoundTriple Compounds
ProtectionStage EN Armor or Stage TR Armor
Color OptionsBlack
Rim Fitment
Fits Tube Type or Tubeless rims
TPI120 EN, 60 TR
Size Options29x2.4" (ETRTO 61-622)
Weight: 1190 g (EN), 1070 g (TR)
Max Pressure: 50 PSI

27.5x2.4" (ETRTO 61-584)
Weight: 1120 g (EN), 1010 g (TR)
Max Pressure: 50 PSI

Road Hazard Replacement Program

American Classic stands by our tires, and want to keep our customers rolling. Our Road Hazard Replacement Program offers our customers the promise that if you puncture or tear an American Classic tire while riding, and it no longer holds air, you can contact us for a claim form for a one-time 50% off the MSRP of the same or comparable product. The replacement program covers American Classic products purchased through authorized dealers,, or the American Classic branded Amazon store, and product included as original equipment components of a new bicycle purchase. The Road Hazard Replacement Program does not include shipping and handling. This program is currently available to residents of the United States and the following territories: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. 


2-Year Warranty

American Classic tires have a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Any defective tires will be replaced at no charge. This warranty applies to the original owner with proof of purchase and is non-transferable and non-assignable. The original owner is responsible for all postage costs and transportation risks of the returned product(s). The warranty covers American Classic products purchased through authorized dealers,, or the American Classic branded Amazon store, and product included as original equipment components of a new bicycle purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, product abuse, commercial usage, shipping damage, improper installation and/or maintenance, negligence, reckless handling, and/or unauthorized modification.

Please contact for warranty information and claim forms.


  Hookless Compatibility

Some American Classic tires are compatible with hookless (Tubeless Straight-Side/TSS) rims. To be compatible, the following must be met:

  • The tire must be included in the approved section below,
  • The rim must meet current E.T.R.T.O. standards for tubeless systems, and
  • The tire must be placed on an appropriate width rim.

More information on hookless compatibility can be found on our Tire and Rim Compatibility page.

Approved for use:

  • Aggregate TLR
  • Kimberlite TLR
  • Krumbein TLR
  • Udden TLR
  • Wentworth TLR
  • Tectonite TLR
  • Basanite TLR
  • Vulcanite TLR
  • Mauka TLR
Approved for use when hookless specific maximum pressures are followed:
  • Timekeeper TLR with Stage 3S Armor
  • Torchbearer TLR with Stage 4S Armor
Not approved for use:
  • Lamplighter (all versions)
  • Timekeeper Tube-Type (all versions)
  • Timekeeper TLR with Stage 3 Flat Protection
  • Torchbearer Tube-Type (all versions)
  • Torchbearer TLR with Stage 3S Flat Protection

This list will be updated as additional tire models are introduced. 

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