Since 1982

American Classic

American Classic exemplifies the pinnacle of performance bicycle engineering and innovation. Nearly 40 years ago, founder Bill Shook was a talented professional road racer who raced for the US National Team. A drive to create better, lighter products inspired him to start experimenting in his garage, engineering his own aluminum bicycles and components. A global search for the finest production facilities led American Classic to form an early partnership with Taiwanese manufacturers in the mid-’90s and decades of influential product introductions.


FINE ART of engineering

American Classic is rewriting the rule book with industry-leading manufacturing facilities and a complete line of gravel, road, and commuter tires — with more component offerings to come. Tires are often an afterthought of the bicycle’s design, though recent developments in American Classic’s rubber technologies allow us to push forward with innovation that delivers our heritage.

Featured Technology

Cross Country (XC) specific combination of 120 TPI casing and 'skin' for a lightweight and supple ride.

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Features a lightweight construction with additional bead-to-bead support for light trail and aggressive cross-country use.

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Features a robust Enduro Rated construction and soft triple-compound tread formulated for enhanced damping and slow rebound.

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