• discipline

    Track | Road

  • weight


  • drilling


  • spacing


  • bearings

    6803C3 Stainless Steel | Ceramic Upgrade available

  • included

    Shook Integrated Bolt System / lock Ring // This is not a "Flip-Flop" or "Fixed-Free" hub

The Track Rear hub was designed by Bill Shook to be both strong and lightweight to survive the tortures of track and fixed gear riding. The 17mm axle is oversized for stiffness while sprinting. Stout 17mm bearings and patented bearing sleeves for easy adjustability and improved bearing life. Strong track quality bolts are 3/8” x 24 Tpi and work with an easy to use 8mm allen key socket head. Because track wheels are repeatedly taken on and off the bike, the improved threads are steel on steel for long life. End cap contact points are large diameter serrated steel to keep the wheel from slipping. Thick 3.5mm wide flanges for strength. High flanges give it a retro look and strengthen the wheel.



One of Bill Shook’s most important designs is his patented Six Pawl Cam Actuated Engagement System found in our hubs. All six oversized pawls engage in unison whenever drive torque is applied. No other multiple pawl system on the market can ensure that all pawls are engaged at the same time. The cam plate powers the pawls into engagement simultaneously. There are new expanded cupped engagement pockets in the cam plate for improved contact. The secondary ratchet system does the coasting quietly and forces engagement of the large pawls only for drive torque transfer. The cassette body has 24 ratchet teeth for quick engagement with the pawls. Each pawl is made from super strong tool steel and has double tips for 12 points of engagement to work in conjunction with the 24 ratchet teeth. The one piece forged 7075 aluminum cassette body is hard anodized and is topped with Bill’s latest steel face body design.

»Another new trick bit are that the pawls in AC's new hub have twice the contact points of most hubs...that each pawl doubles up its teeth. That's a 12 contact point engagement with 6 pawls, making for 3-4 times the contact points as most hubs...«

Charles Manatan |